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About Marmaris

Marmaris History

Marmaris History Turkey’s Aegean Coast is simply full of history and holds many remnants from the ancient civilisations who have called this part of Turkey home throughout the ages...

Marmaris Getting There
  Marmaris – Getting There   As one of the Aegean Coast’s most popular destinations, Marmaris is easy to get to by air and road. You can book a flight only option, or the full package holiday to Marmaris that ...
Marmaris Accommodation
  Marmaris – Accommodation Options   Once a sleepy little fishing village, Marmaris has seen plenty of growth over the last couple of decades as visitors from Europe and around the world have come to appreciate this ...
Marmaris Activities
  Marmaris – Popular Excursions   There’s no doubt that Marmaris is a popular seaside destination, where tourists can enjoy the best that Turkey’s Aegean Coast has to offer. Lazy days on the beaches, liv ...
Dining in Marmaris
  Eating Out in Marmaris   With the predominant tourist in Marmaris being British there’s no shortage here of restaurants serving food that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Whether you prefer to stick to what ...
Night Life in Marmaris
  Nightlife in Marmaris   Marmaris has so much to offer as a holiday destination though one thing it’s well known for is its party atmosphere! This is probably the Aegean Coast’s top holiday resort town if you& ...
Shopping in Marmaris
  Shopping in Marmaris   While on holiday in Marmaris you’re going to have plenty of opportunities for shopping, whether you’re buying gifts for friends and family back home, or treating yourself to a little s ...
Marmaris - Off the Beaten Track
  Off the Beaten Track in Marmaris   We all appreciate the comforts of a modern hotel, a great choice of restaurants and bars, and a beach that has visitor facilities, yet once in a while it’s really nice to get awa ...
Marmaris Driving Tour
  driving tours from marmaris   there’s plenty to see while on holiday in marmaris though it’s always nice to hire a car for a few days and get to see some of the surrounding area too. this part of south west t ...

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